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See below for regional artists and teachers.
Seattle, WA (USA)
Ana Montes / "Flamenco Danzarte" (Seattle)  www.anamontes.com  [baile / palmas / castanet]
   (Ana teaches techniques and choreography.  A teacher dedicated to the arte of flamenco, and to the development and refinement of her students' potential!)

Flamenco Seattle - Eric & Encarnación (Seattle, Wa) www.flamencoseattle.com/  [baile / guitarra / cante ]
   (International touring and recording artists bringing top level flamenco directly from Spain to the Seattle area.  Ongoing classes, private instruction, master classes & workshops.

Jacquelina Villegas-MacLin (Kirkland, Wa) www.dancesofspain.com [baile / classical spanish / palmas / castanet]
   (Bailaora teaching ongoing group classes, all levels. Private lessons by appointment.)

Maria Gitana  (Seattle, WA)  www.flamencogitana.com/  [baile] 
  (details to come)
Maria Morca (Woodinville, Wa) Maria's page on facebook [baile]
  (Master Teacher of Flamenco and Belly Dance, with 5 decades of performance experience in stage, film and television.)  Please call 425-442-6084 for details.
Rubina, Marcos, and David Carmona / Carmona Flamenco (Seattle, Wa) www.FANW.org  [cante / guitar / cajon]
   (ongoing weekly classes, monthly and seasonal performances & exhibitions, and hosting workshops w/ visiting performers from Spain and the Americas.)
Sara de Luis  (Seattle, WA)  email: Saradeluis at earthlink.net  [baile] 
  (details to come
Savannah Fuentes (Seattle, Wa)  www.savannahfuentes.com/ [baile]
   (Seattle native, dancer, producer and host of visiting artists from Spain and the US.  Performing throughout the Pacific Northwest, and sharing her love of the art of Flamenco!
White Rock, BC (Canada)
Jill Tunbridge / "Flamenco del Mar" (White Rock, BC, Canada)  www.flamencodelmar.com  [baile / castanet]
   (Bailaora, and our neighbor to the north.  Knows and teaches all the stuff from Spanish Classical dance, to castanets, to Flamenco Puro. Her classes are held throughout the week, & on Saturday) 

Vancouver, BC (Canada)

Al Mozaico Flamenco Academy (Vancouver, BC, Canada) www.mozaicoflamenco.com  [dance / castanet]
  (Established by Oscar Nieto and Kasandra "La China" in 2002.  Classes and workshops of all forms (all ages, men and women) taught throughout the week. Instructors include Cyrena Huang, Andrea Williams, among others).
Centro Flamenco  (Vancouver, BC, Canada)  www.centroflamenco.com/  [baile / guitarra] 
  (Established in 1989 by Rosario Ancer and Victor Kolstee to create an environment where students are provided with a structured approach to flamenco dance.

   Year-round training includes separate classes for children, teens and adults, as well as a professional program entered into by selection only)
Karen Flamenco  (Vancouver, BC, Canada)  www.karenflamenco.com/  [baile] 
  (details to come
Oscar Nieto  (Vancouver, BC, Canada)  www.oscarnieto.com  [baile, castanets, cante]
   (Maestro needs well-known to all as one of best in North America.  Innovative teacher, and mentor - also a great guy!,  He teaches at Al Mozaico Flamenco Academy)
Stephanie Pedraza (Vancouver, BC, Canada) www.stephaniepedraza.com  [cante, palmas, compas, baile]
  (Flamenco cantaora and bailaora teaching all levels. Private lessons by appointment.)

Taos, New Mexico

Teodoro Morca  (Taos, NM)  www.morca.com  [baile, castanets]
   (Maestro Teo Morca founded, with his wife the late Isabel Morca, the Morca Academy of Performance Arts in Bellingham in the early 1970s, and were for many years beloved teachers of ballet, classical spanish dance and flamenco in our town.  Teo offered the very first All Flamenco Workshop Festival in the United State in 1974.  Teo has performed in Spain and throughout the world, and was featured dancer with flamenco artists such as Pilar Lopez, La Chunga, Lola Montes, Jose Greco, Luis Riviera, Maria Benitez, Tony alba, Maria Alba Teresa and many others.  He currently resides in the Southwest, and continues to perform and teach).
...to be continued... check back soon. 
(Contact us if you are offering classes anywhere from Tacoma, WA to Vancouver, BC, and would like to be listed on this site.  Thank you!)